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Behind You
Behind You
When I sleep, I walk a different world. It's not a dream world. The land of dreams is an insubstantial plane of smoke and hallucinations. My midnight existence is a very real place, both like and completely unlike the daylight world.
This world of mine may be a dream world to you, in some ways. Just as the world of daylight is for me. You see, when I sleep, I exist in a half form of sorts. No attention is ever paid to me, and yet, without my knowledge or permission, I am used, abused and then ignored.
In the world of daylight, I am called a shadow. While the sun is the sky, my flimsy self attaches itself to a human and mimics it. I walk, talk, jump, eat, doze – all just docilely copying what you do without being aware of it, or understanding why.
But when the Sun goes down, your dream world – what I would call my place of midnight existence, comes alive. After all, this world of mine completely shadows yours. So when yours goes to sleep, mine wakes up
:iconcalyptra:Calyptra 24 37
Future Perspective of a male
A Futuristic Perspective of a Brainwashed Male
Sweat kept my palms slick, despite my persistent efforts. No amount of talcum powder or hand towels seemed to help. I guess its just one of those things that only happens to men now. The Alpha Gene discovery changed a lot more than just the appearance of women. Or even men for that matter.
Half a century ago, genetics research made the second most prominent discovery in history, right in line after DNA. A dormant gene lay hidden in the X chromosome, which, once activated, could boost stamina levels to incredibly high ranges, increase the size of the brain to unheard of proportions, and cause the human body to rapidly evolve new adaptations. Mankind rejoiced, believing we were embarking on the next stage of evolution. Finally. But the euphoria faded quickly with the realization that the gene could only be activated when the combination of chromosomes was X and X. Not X and Y. And thus, the long history of male domination ended.
In th
:iconcalyptra:Calyptra 8 33
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Of Clay and Ironies
Of Clay and Ironies
Really, mischief was such a misleading word. A schoolboy caught in mischief could mean anything from stealing a dollar from a classmate's bag, to deflowering a girl in the janitor's room. Some would say what he got upto surpassed the bounds of mischief by human comprehension. But Stan begged to disagree. Just because human standards had fallen, didn't mean his had as well. If anything, the humans had set a whole new standard for the word 'fallen'. A word he was credited with giving meaning to.
Straightening his cravat and smoothing his coat lapels, Stan wrinkled his nose and tried to keep himself from showcasing a disgusted expression as a tramp shuffled past him. Wondering why Beazle was making him wait on the pavement in the seedy area of L.A. instead of in some posh men's club was beyond him. Lighting up a cigarette, he inhaled deeply and sighed with relief. He may not have been able to attain the throne of Heaven, but he could bloody well afford the best
:iconcalyptra:Calyptra 3 17



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Hi. Llama Emoji-62 (Rawr I'll get you) [V3] by Jerikuto

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My stuff features calligraphic font mainly Gothic, but I can do stuff in other fonts too, like Celtic and Italic.
Doodles are mostly detailed and, decorative.
And occasional photography.

The me:

I like terrible puns and horrible jokes, and if you remove -ible (from a word), you are left with an incomplete word.

I have a dead Tumblr:

And a "youtube" account, which to me is my "website" :


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